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Our practice has worked with John and Danielle of Anesthesia Solutions for over one year and have found them to be an excellent source of locums tenens CRNAs as well as a good recruiting source for permanent CRNA employees.  The providers they have sent us have been well trained, experienced, adaptable and well liked.  Several CRNAs initially doing locums have been offered contracts as permanent members of our group.  Anesthesia Solutions has been very reliable and cooperative in adapting to our constantly changing staffing needs even on very short notice.  I can recommend John and Danielle and Anesthesia Solutions very highly to satisfactorily fulfill your needs.

Chief of Anesthesiology

Sibley Memorial Hospital

I had been a CRNA for 5 years before I decided to try out as a locum tenen.  Anesthesia Solutions was one of my earliest agency I worked with.  Danielle and John Boggio were very helpful in every way.  Being a local agency, they have the knowledge to the local area……The first day at work, Danielle was there to give me a quick show-me-around.  It was wonderful, for many locations I have been to have barely any orientation.  It made my work there a lot more comfortable……Working with Anesthesia Solutions, Danielle and John, are one of my most enjoyable experiences since I became a locum tenens.  I have no doubt that anybody willing to work with them will feel the same way I do…

Boaz L.


I have worked in the Medical Staff Office with Dimensions Healthcare System as a Credentials Specialist for over 18 years and I will be retiring on September 9th. I have to say all of the professionals that I have credentialed from Anesthesia Solutions have always had great references. When I retire and move to another chapter of my life, I am really going to miss working with such competent and professional people as John and Danielle Boggio.

Credentials Specialist

Dimensions Healthcare Systems

I have worked with Anesthesia Solutions for the past two and one half years.  During that time, I have been able to work in a variety of settings all over the Baltimore area.  Anesthesia Solutions is constantly seeking work opportunities to meet my needs.  At times I have wanted to work “off shifts,” sometimes my needs are for extra hours, and other times I want extra times off.  Danielle and John work diligently to accommodate all my requests.  Importantly, I have to add that I have been paid on time and regularly since I began with Anesthesia Solutions.  Frequently extra incentives are added.  It’s nice to have flexibility in a wide variety of work settings, but one paycheck covering it all.

Kim C


I have had the privilege to utilize the services of Anesthesia Solutions for quite a few years. And whether it be for anesthesia coverage or clinical staff for the operating room or PACU [nurses], their service has been impeccable. With the use of the On-line Scheduling system, it makes requesting staff for your facility seamless. Once your request has been confirmed, Anesthesia Solutions immediately sends your facility a full portfolio on the provider who will work at your center. I would highly recommend Anesthesia Solutions to all that require temporary staffing, you will be pleased with their service.

Business Office Manager

Timonium Surgery Center, LLC

I have been working with Anesthesia Solutions for a few years now. The beauty of this company is that you can work as little or as much as you want. Before I had my daughter, I was much more interested in working OT for extra money. Now that I am busy, and still have another full time job, working with them has been less frequent, but I am still in their system and can work anytime if needed.  Danielle and John are very easy to reach by phone, text, or e-mail. They are very professional and I always got same day pay. They are very modern as far as being able to input your availability into their online computer system. All the locations they send you to have friendly, easy-going staff. Everyone at the sites are helpful, and you never feel lost or confused as to what your role is. The staff are all very professional and seem to work very easily with Anesthesia Solutions Providers. I would, and have recommended this company to my nursing friends and to any nurse interested in being treated well and having a low stress, fun job!

Patriza D